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Frank Martin Nasutowicz was born in Munich, Germany in 1952. His love of art and music through his mother and father at a very early age, and he has continued with both his entire life. As a visual artist he honed his skills in watercolor and in music he continues write and perform his own songs using his electric Cordoba nylon stringed guitar. His love of music is easily felt through the passion of his playing and singing.

Kevin Keating has been writing in one form or another since he was a kid. Lyrically, He's always been drawn to the storyteller songwriters. Musically, his influences are all over the place ranging from Neil Young to Bela Fleck to Led Zeppelin to Springsteen to Iron Maiden to B.B. King and Wes Montgomery, and on and on.

Original songwriting is what I he enjoys doing most. He likes telling stories about people, and he creates vivid detailed imagery in the lyrics with lifelike characters. Songwriters write because they have something to say, something that needs to be said, something that needs to be remembered.

As a guitarist he grew up on rock and hard rock, but jazz has become a significant influence on him in recent years. He likes chords with a lot of color beyond the usual major and minor. He's also picked up a few other instruments over the years such as fiddle, mandolin, banjo, harmonica and mountain dulcimer.

Singer songwriter Brian Premo's debut album "Thirty Years" flies under the radar of today's over produced, "studio magic" music. There is nothing here to hide behind, and no intention to hide it. What you will find is the honest and raw core of one man's emotions, and we're very honored to working with him on an upcoming release.

“bursting the confines of what I call music with unabashed renegade glee. The duo of guitarist Federico Balducci and sound effects master Ian Bouras have a distinct and highly charged chemistry” - Indie Pulse Music