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AñaVañA in the studio

Dec 28, 2004

NYC Rock/Reggae band AñaVañA will begin recording their
second record at the end of January 2005. They are set to
release it on SDMP Records sometime in the Spring of 2005.

Critics praised their first record:

“An intriguing blend of Rock and Reggae... sophisticated,
lyrically and musically”---- Dagwood Radio

“It’s power pop—it’s reggae… body-moving with thump thump
drums, muscular guitars, rumbling bass… intellectual with
creative arrangements, skillful performances, interesting
lyrics… complex and highly structured… I love the vocals… a
tight, proficient band”---- Jahworks

"Annastasia’s voice is similar to the likes of Joan Osborne
and Janis Joplin... the band is reminiscent of Ozomatli and
Ziggy Marley combined with more guitars... For those who
look for something new and innovative to listen to, AñaVañA
is worth adding to your collection."---- Kyle Neumann
(Chaotic Culture Magazine)

"Amazing... Sade meets Rock and Reggae" ---- Gene Simmons
(Madd Maxx Entertainment)

Since completing their East Coast Tour, the band is tighter
than ever and the songwriting on the second record shows
their first record wasn't a fluke, and takes their already
unique style to another level.

Look for their second record in the Spring of 2005.