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"highly original and fusionistic...Bouras is indeed a musical force to be reckoned with....Pieces of the Past delivers nothing but dark energy and comes straight from the speakers directly to your heart and soul." --- Jennifer Edwards (Indie Mutiny)

"tragic-sweetness and blooming hooks" --- Rafael Brinkus (Indie Music Reviews)

"catchy, well-crafted songs with exotic musical progressions that connect with the good in everyone...acoustic guitar, drums and bass and a million or so sonic tidbits...impeccable and lush sounding...7 spell bounding tracks...supernova of delight positive passion and sound exploding into your soul" --- David Plotts (Vents Magazine)

"my ears pricked up to the sonic style right away...so much depth" --- Jamie Funge (BandBlurb)

"powerful and eclectic album tells the story of a gifted player/composer with beautiful melodies, a smooth playing Jazz style that is emotional and at times very refined sonic feel...lush ambient-jazzy almost Latin-esque type tones...punch, depth, variety and emotive impact compatible with reality" --- Martin Zazycki (RocknRoll View)

"exceptional ambient disc that’s a very entertaining and soothing to the mind, body and soul...but wait it’ goes even further than Ambient, also present traces of Chill, Dub, and Progressive Electronic based Jazz" --- Eric Hodel (Skope Magazine)

"unleashed whirlwind of musical insanity – in a somewhat controlled setting...in a class all by itself" --- Alexey Panteyev (Music Existence)

"powerful, and somewhat haunting & lamenting...highly refined musical edge that combines an undeniable ambient-electronic backbone that goes down smooth. It has flavorings of Caribbean and Reggae guitar without compromising the electronic stylings" --- Joshua Fishkin (All Whats Rock)

"Why the heck haven't I heard of Ian C. Bouras yet?...full of the same dark mystery that rummages through the streets of NY and is only broken with the coming of the dawn...simply powerful and full of intrigue, passion, and wisdom...all tracks are passionate, while some are even dark and foreboding that will ring true" --- Diane Haensel (Music Emissions)

"Chill, Dub, Electronica Epic-Ambient-Theatrical painted against a highly creative and original sonic layering. I can even hear traces of Ambient Jazz, New Age and Neo Classical woven within the fabric of these songs...extremely unique, highly original, melodic, brilliant, and fascinating...interesting, infectious, yet emotionally genuine....quite exhilarating" --- Cyrus Rhodes (Gashouse Radio)



"in the category of brilliant...an imaginative return to rich guitar based instrumentals laced sometimes powerful song writing fused with the better musical touches of today new age jazz" --- Aaron Seipel (Skope Magazine)

"destined to be remembered as one of the classic experimental CD’s...an exciting combination of many hybrid styles...an interesting cross section of many different styles but mainly spicy Spanish-Caribbean" --- Peter Leavitt (Rock and Roll View)

"will take listeners on a journey through new age, reggae, rock, and electronic genres" --- James McQuiston (NeuFutur Magazine)

"Multi-Talented Composer / Guitarist / Producer Ian C. Bouras has given birth to a fantastic musical journey which takes you through an exhilarating multi-cultural experience" --- Casey Gilck (Band Blurb)

"kaleidoscope of soothing sound featuring dynamic rhythm, and vivid melodic imagery...extremely unique, highly original, and in itself brilliantly clever..sound-scapes are interesting, infectious, hypnotic, and sonically enticing...Ambient Jazz, Electronic, Chill, Dub rhythms painted against a clever canvass of exotic sound effects" --- Cyrus Rhodes (Indie Music Digest)

"Deeply textured and impactful, gorgeously toned, layered in color like Autumn, and warming the heart with ambiance" --- Erica McKenzie (Gigband)

"timeless gems that will blow your mind" --- Jay Ubben (Music Existence)

"unique mix of reggae with Spanish guitars, and electronica...comparable to the greats" --- Scottie James (Indie Artists Alliance)

"6 hot new tracks to chew on and offered the world a cutting edge glimpse of this amazing New Age style of music meshed with a splash or Blues, Reggae and Spanish overtones...could easily heralded as the quintessential ambient composer but there is so much more to his music." - Vents Magazine

"a masterpiece of simplicity proving that instrumentally rich music like this need not take itself too seriously" --- John Howe (Music Emissions)



"This stunning collection of 12 mind blowing tracks presents a sensational, unique and superb sonic space to bask in...This kind of music has the power to get people intellectually stimulated while filling the void created by much of today’s music." --- Drew Blackwell (Rock and Roll View)

"a complex, amazing and dramatic album what else can I say in the end?" --- Christopher Eaton (Indieshark)

"a fascinating-melodic-melancholy but truthful collection of melodic ambient jazz that reveals all the a-typical conventions of chill, dub, Reggae, and even Experimental" ---Skope Magazine

"blend of Reggae grooves, Jazz, Chill-Dub and Motion picture type melodies" --- Music Emissions

"a masterful blend of Vintage Improvised Experimental Smooth Jazz, and Progressive Jazz" --- All Whats Rock

"twists and turns the way great albums should with much in the way of harmonic goodness" --- Vents Magazine

"moody, engaging, multi-section composition draws the listener in like a movie, as if each section (including Spanish guitar & reggae melodica) is a character in a drama that’s unfolding" --- Music Connection

"cool musical experience...deep emotions in every track...pure mind clearing music" --- T.H.I.N. Magazine

"keeps you on the edge of your seat...contains unexpected elements that make the listener question his or her perception...an air of mystery to the entire collection...Way Cool!" --- Phosphorescence Magazine

"smokin’ and tasty dub, made with a dry rub of Spanish spices...Refreshing dub licks melt into rich harmonics that ping softly into sweetly picked melodies" ---Hypnagogue

"unexpected thematic twists...quite intriguing...something a bit different for the discerning listener”--- Awareness Magazine

"Fused with Latin dance, dub, reggae, and electro, it’s a Spanish sound wrapped in Jamaica and American rock."--- J-Sin (Smother Magazine)

“Take a rock drum-kit, latin percussion and guitars, and reggae-style bass, and you've got a surprisingly unique and fresh sound that is Ian. Artists like this are responsible for the evolution of musical genres."  --- Blips and Beeps

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"soars with the orchestral beauty that might accompany a wordless, slow-motioned scene from a love story.  Then, in turn, it plunges the listener to the stark depths of longing and loneliness with a guitar that pulls at the heartstrings. Ian is definitely an artist with a creative ear for unexpected sound directions that lead to wonderful discoveries." --- Lily Emeralde and Emma Dyllan   Phosphorescence Magazine

A "remarkable ambient artist"--- Happyday New Age

"There are a lot of nice layers of simple melodies that intersect in epic, tragic waves." --- The Music Snob

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The story of Walter Rego's effort to make a difference in how favorably people view the government. A man so tired of being fed crap from his government that he sets the White House lawn on fire.

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R*U*B* is AñaVañA's  first release on SDMP. The record has been called:

“Sophisticated and musically brilliant… a magnetic hybrid of music… a refreshing 2nd full length record… a distinct sound-from shy to outright strident” --- RACHEL ROKICKI (The Deli Magazine)

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"The timelessness of Kevin Keating’s songwriting approach has the potential to torpedo his opportunities to be heard and noticed" Skope Magazine

"a deeply felt, musical rich effort immediately rating as one of 2018’s most considered recordings" Indie Band Guru

"pure singer/songwriter style at its best" Gashouse Radio

"Kevin Keating is writing some of the best songs today in this style and proudly carries on a number of traditions into an uncertain future" Vents Magazine

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"genius behind a guitar" - Gigband 

"with the outstanding tonality flowing through his guitar...comparable to the greats" - Indie Artists Alliance

“Why the heck haven't I heard of Ian C. Bouras yet? Bouras can play Guitar extremely well, but has a lot of appeal besides just Guitar” - Music Emissions

“his playing is magical and he feels comfortable in his own skin behind the fretboard” - Vents Magazine

"peer into the creative soul of a quintessential artist." - Skope Magazine

"his playing style and guitar ambience is to die for." - Indie Music Digest

"a near ambient basis and transforms over time into more melodic pieces" Skope Magazine

"Ian Bouras’ A Chipmunk’s Interpretation of Space is an important musical work presented in an idiosyncratic fashion and evidence a higher sensibility at work than you’ll find in 4/4 guitar rock bands or other pop acts" Indie Pulse Music

"probably the finest distillation yet of his artistic potential – but you get the sense, upon finishing it, that there’s even more to come" Gashouse Radio

"unique experience of watching Bouras work out his compositions while we hear them is an unique approach from a musician, songwriter, and composer whose career has specialized in such daring" Vents Magazine

"among Bouras’ most compelling outing yet" IMAAI

"a moving musical release from one of the most prodigious talents in indie music today" Music Existence