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Submit for the first SDMP Records compilation

Oct 29, 2005

Happy Halloween from everyone at SDMP Records!
Post the following link into your browser for a halloween


Also for those who are not aware of www.myspace.com it's a
great site to set up an artist profile for free. Upload
your music, photos, etc...
Just make sure you sign up for an artist account instead
of a regular account. After all, no artist is regular

On the business side, SDMP will be organizing it's first
compilation CD ever. You can learn more about it on the
compilation page, and if you would like, email links to
your music to us at sdmprecords@yahoo.com
Just so you know, we are looking for rock bands for this
compilation, but will be covering other styles in the

Keep your eyes open for flying eggs on Halloween. Those
things hurt.

Keep Rockin',

The Gang at SDMP Records