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AñaVañA releases Ambient Dub/Rock CD

Nov 18, 2005

"For those who look for something new and innovative to
listen to, AñaVañA is worth adding to your
collection."----Kyle Neumann (Chaotic Culture Magazine)

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Although our first official release was supposed to be the
12 song offering from NYC Rock/Reggae band AñaVañA,
tentatively entitled "Grain of Salt", this record sort of
came as a surprise.

Their new CD is called R*U*B*, and is instrumental, and
ambient, which is a departure from their first record, but
is perfect for relaxing and bundling up on those Fall and
Winter nights, which will be here soon.

The record includes 8 instrumental songs coming in just
under 50 minutes.

Rock, Reggae, Latin, Classical, and Pop are some of the
musical styles found on this record.

"If there is one record that typifies "World Music" this is

AñaVañA is releasing their next full-length record in 2006,
so this CD is their interlude piece between the two
full-length CD's.

If we had to sum this CD up we'd call it "Ambient Dub/Rock
with Classical and Latin flavors."

You can check out the new CD on their site: www.anavana.com
or visit their sales page directly at:

As always we thank you for your continued support.

Our best to you and your family.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

The Whole SDMP Gang.

PS - Thank you to all who submitted for the first SDMP
Compilation. There are some great bands lined up, and we're
hoping for a release in the Spring of 2006.

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to list your band and upload samples of your music for
free. More free sites in our next newsletter.