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Mailing List > Happy New Year! and some free sites.
Happy New Year! and some free sites.

Feb 3, 2006

We hope 2006 is a great year for all independent artists.

If you enter into a signed agreement with anyone, please,
please have a lawyer look it over. A lot of artists are
getting taken advantage of recently, and it pays to read
the fine print. After all, it is called the music

Enough of our parental advice.

Check out www.jamwave.com to upload your music and other
info for free. It's sort of an all music myspace.

Did you ever want to get paid for downloading music? Well
someone figured out how. Here is a link to a record we
released that is available through this neat site:
Read the "about us" page to find out how it works, and see
if you can submit your music.

Here are a few artists worth checking out:




Don't forget to support your fellow independent artists.

We hope 2006 is a rockin' year for you,
The Gang at SDMP!