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SDMP newsletter for march

Mar 22, 2006

Happy Spring!

This months newsletter is short, since we're working
overtime to try and finish up a couple of projects, but
we've still got a couple quick tips for independent

If you have you, a friend, bandmate, etc... who has access
to a studio, and have the desire to try voiceovers for
commercials, radio and tv, check out www.voice123.com to
see how you can post a profile for voiceover work. It's not
glamorous, but many of the jobs pay well for 30 second
clips, and if you're experimenting in a studio anyway it's
worth it to make some extra cash.

D'Addario is sponsoring a battle of the bands on the
internet. Visit www.getmeloaded.tv to sign your band up.
Bands can win free music gear, and a possible spot on FUSE

If you haven't signed upon Jamwave (www.jamwave.com) yet
you might want to give it a try, as we mentioned in a
previous newsletter, it's like Myspace, but exclusively for
There are some very good artists on Jamwave that are worth
checking out ifyou like undiscovered music.
An artist that we came across is the very talented Shonie,
a great rapper with incredible speed and flow. You can
check out her Jamwave page here:

We hope some of these sites are useful, and wish you a
music filled Spring!

Rock on,
The SDMP Gang!