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Musically brilliant!

May 5, 2006

We didn't say it, but a reviewer at NYC's publication about
independent music did.

Here's what RACHEL ROKICKI (from The Deli Magazine) had to
say about AñaVañA's new CD R*U*B:

"Sophisticated and musically brilliant… a magnetic hybrid
of music… a refreshing 2nd full length record… a distinct
sound-from shy to outright strident."

Wow! She's good.

You can check out all of AñaVañA's releases at

A quick heads up: Someone we know was recently presented
with a contract from a publishing company offering to sign
several of their
compositions. This company wanted the songwriter to sign an
exclusive deal with them, and sign over %75 of the
copyright to those songs.

Luckily, under the advice of their lawyer, they turned the
deal down. According to their lawyer some companies build
up their song catalog by signing everything they can get
their hands on, then turn around and sell the company.

I'm not sure how many times we've said this, but please
have a lawyer look at every contract you are offered. We
are still seeing people get taken advantage of, and
although some people shouldn't be involved in the music
business they are, and will done anything they can to scam

Enough blabbing you get the point. Hopefully!

On with some website recommendations (we apologize if any
of these were included in our previous newsletters). Not
all of these are free, but they're worth checking out

www.jukeboxalive.com (streaming audio and video for

www.americanidolunderground.com (it does cost to do some
things, but you can earn free upload credits)

www.indie911.com (list your music for placement in
different kinds of media)

www.musicsubmit.com (they submit your press releases ,
music,etc... to different types of media online and off -
they do charge, but they are offering a complementery trial
for the time being, so it's worth trying)

We want to hear from you, so email us and let us know what
you're up to:

We enjoy checking out artists we're not familiar with, and
letting others know about them, so please feel free to send
a links to your website or wherever we can find your music.

What is SDMP up to these days?
We'll we're glad you asked.

Right now we are finishing up the music for a short film
starring Taimak (from "The Last Dragon") check out his
site: www.taimak.tv to see what he's been up to.

We're also working on two CDs for release by the end of the
year (we hope).

Two other CDs that are not on our label, but we were
involved in, will be released over the next couple of
months, so we'll definitely keep you posted.

Happy Trails,
The Whole Gang at SDMP!

PS - One of the tracks from AñaVañA's R*U*B CD has been
used in a short film by director Christopher Rogers called
"This Letterbox Life". You can view it on his Myspace page
at: http://www.myspace.com/rogman19 (it's video #3). Enjoy!