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Get your music on a new podcast

May 1, 2007


We disappeared for a while, but we wanted to let you know
that there is a new podcast looking for independent music,
so if you want to get your music played email Billy at:
indieshows@gmail.com and he'll let you know how to get him
your material, and just let him know that you heard about
it from Ian at SDMP Records.

We're hoping to be in touch soon with more free resources
for independent musicians, and with news about an upcoming
release on SDMP Records, which has been taking up a lot of
our time.

Please email your music links and/or news to
sdmprecords@yahoo.com so we can keep up to date with what
you're up to, and so we can include info about different
independent artists in our future newsletters.

Hope you're well and we hope to be back sharing resources
with you soon.

Keep it Indie,
The Gang at SDMP