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Get "A Cure For Reality" without a prescription

Jul 8, 2007

"A Cure For Reality" is SDMP's second release, but
definitely not the last. We appreciate your continued
support, and wanted to give you first crack at our new
release at a huge discount. It's only $4.99!

We are setting the low price for a short time, so grab your
copy now by visiting our homepage at: www.sdmprecords.com

Publicity for this release hasn't really gotten into full
swing yet, so we wanted to give you (since you're on our
mailing list) first shot at grabbing a copy before we start
telling those who aren't on our mailing list (you know,
regular boring people).

Here's what "A Cure For Reality" is all about:

Dreamy, other worldly landscapes.

Viby guitars, sweet melodic themes.

"A Cure For Reality" is an instrumental CD containing well
over an hour of music designed to relax the listener with
flavors of reggae, latin, dance, and dub throughout it's 14

Sound good?

We usually try to give you several free websites that are
geared towards helping independent musicians. However, in
this newsletter we only have one for you, but it's really
cool, and should count as several.

Anyway, it's called www.yourmusicinmovies.com

You can set up a free account, and upload your music for
movie producers, directors, or whoever else needs music for
their movie, to check out your music, and maybe use it for
their film projects. We think it's a great oppurtunity for
independent musicians to get their music out there.

Please feel free to drop us a line at sdmprecords@yahoo.com
to let us know what you're up to, and we hope you'll take
advantage of the limited time pricing of "A Cure For

Rock on,
The SDMP Gang!

Seriously, we're lonely, and would love to hear what you're
up to, so email us at sdmprecords@yahoo.com