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Free SDMP Records ringtone

Aug 29, 2007

Summer is coming to a close, so we won't take up too much
of your time, so you can go outside and enjoy it while it

Why pay for a ringtone from some overexposed song by
Britney Simpson (yes, we know that's a weird name) or some
other "artist" that the record industry has managed to
invent this week, when you can get a fresh one from SDMP
Records for FREE?

Text "166301" to 69937 and get "The Call" (Track #1 off of
SDMP's latest release "A Cure For Reality") for Free. If we
had to come up with some cheesy slogan for an infomercial,
it would probably be something like: "When you get a call,
you better have "The Call"

Okay, so coming up with catch phrases is not our strength,
and we're not going to try and sell you on the ringtone
anymore because it's free, so if you want it Text "166301"
to 69937 and get "The Call" for Free.

We have good news and bad news:

Good news - SDMP Records has some really good releases

Bad news - Our release schedule is slightly delayed, and
the next SDMP Records release won't be available until

Good news - We have some demos of some upcoming SDMP
releases that we are going to share with you very soon.

Bad news - Very soon is not soon enough, but we have to
wait until details are cleared by the lawyers until we can
release the demos.

We're hard at work to bring you some incredible music in
2008, but chances are you'll hear from us before then.

If you are an independent artist here is a great site for


They've been around for a while, but we figured we'd
mention it just in case. You can upload your original
material, and it gets voted on by other members/musicians
on the site, people can also leave reviews of your music,
which gives you objective opinions on your music (that's a
really good thing), and it's all free.

Any bands/artists/musicians that would like to have a
review of their music included in future SDMP mailings, for
the whole world to read about, write us at:
sdmprecords@yahoo.com for our mailing address.

If you haven't gotten all your SDMP needs met yet, check
our release page at for all our releases to date:


Parting words of wisdom: "You should never worry about
losing time, only wasting it".

Until next time.

Rock on,
The SDMP Gang!