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Responsible for the evolution of musical genres

Oct 11, 2007

"Take a rock drum-kit, latin percussion and guitars, and
reggae-style bass, and you've got a surprisingly unique and
fresh sound that is Ian.

Ian is exactly what music needs more of. This is his sound,
and I can't think of many that are remotely similar. There
are so many flavors of sound blended together, and they
somehow fit together quite naturally. It's something you
can dance to, and it's something you can relax to. Artists
like this are responsible for the evolution of musical
genres, and I've got nothing but appreciation for this.

Definitely give it a listen." --- Blips and Bleeps

We don't do what we do for recognition, but when someone
appreciates what we're doing it sure does feel good.

Check out "A Cure For Reality" at:

Exciting stuff is happening on our Myspace page. Check it
out at: http://www.myspace.com/sdmprecords

OK! OK! If you must know, I'll tell you the exciting news
about our Myspace page:

1) There is a free download of a rare song by NYC
Rock/Reggae group AnaVanA called "Now is the Time". It was
never commercially released and a demo version is the only
trace of this song on the planet. You can download it
from our Myspace page for free.

2) We have made over 20 AnaVanA songs available for
individual download, including 2 songs from AnaVanA's
unreleased CD "Face the Day". The 2 unreleased tracks we
got our paws on are "Face the Day" and "Dance Around".

3) Long before there was AnaVanA, there was Urban Blues
Revival, and 3 rare songs by them are also available for
download. We challenge you to find those songs for download
anywhere else. Well, I'll save you the time, they aren't
available anywhere else.

Alright, we've gone on long enough.
Below are a couple of good free sites to upload your music
if you are an independent artist:


If you haven't received our past newletters they are all
archived on the mailing list page on our site.

There are a couple of neat projects in the works, and we
can't wait to share them with you.

Thank you for being part of our cozy SDMP family.

Rock on,
The SDMP Records Gang!

PS - Don't miss the oppurtunity to download "Now is the
Time" from our Myspace page at:
http://www.myspace.com/sdmprecords. You will be the
only person on your block with this rare song.