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A very funny four minutes

Apr 28, 2010

What do you mean it's almost May? What have we been up to?
Well, we think you deserve an answer.
We've been hard at work on several projects. "Like what?" you ask.
One of the projects that we've been working on is now done and can be found on our video page (http://www.sdmprecords.com/videos.html). It is four of the funniest minutes you'll have had so far in 2010.

Unfortunately, one of our other projects scheduled for release in early 2010 is on hold, due to legal troubles for the artist, but in the meantime, feel free to check out our most recent release "The Certainty Of Being Found" at: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/iansounds3
Well, enough about us.

If you, or someone you know, is an independent artist, here are a couple of sites to build artist profiles where you, or they, can upload music, photos, and bios for free:
1) www.gotscene.com
2) www.gotcrowd.com

We hope 2010 is a great year for you so far and, although we already consider you a friend, we'd love to make it official, so feel free to add us as a friend on www.myspace.com/sdmprecords

We hope you enjoy the video (http://www.sdmprecords.com/videos.html),which can also be found on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt1OZbo-FPQ) if you would like to leave a comment.

Thank you for your continued support,
The SDMP Gang