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Reviews of "The Certainty Of Being Found"

Apr 17, 2010

We hope 2010 is off to a rockin' start for you.

We also wanted to let you know about two recent reviews we have received for our newest release "The Certainty Of Being Found."

We have put both full reviews in this newsletter. Because after all, what good is it to read a review we've edited?

The reviews are:

1) “It takes two minutes for Ian Bouras’ new disc, The Certainty of Being Found, to reveal its true identity. The first track, “The Clues Are in the Dialogue,” starts with a solid Spanish guitar-influenced opening that’s dramatically slow and grim. Then it’s like the backdrop raises behind Bouras and, lo and behold, there’s a funky little combo playing cool dub behind him. This is the essence of …Certainty: smokin’ and tasty dub, made with a dry rub of Spanish spices, that now and then fades under a more straightforward approach. Bouras’ guitar work overall is smooth and relaxing and a genuine pleasure to give in to—just have a listen to “The Gift of Desperation (Interlude)” and you’ll surely agree. But it’s his excellent classic doubling work and his delicious reggae-borne rhythms that bring me back to this disc. To this end, you can go straight to “On the Corner with Doubt” and just drop right into it. Here, the way his melodica work pairs up with the echoing guitars and drums will absolutely win you over. The standout track for me is “The Cliffs,” where all of Bouras’ elements really come together perfectly. Refreshing dub licks melt into rich harmonics that ping softly into sweetly picked melodies while the melodica waits patiently to sing in its distinctive voice. Just close your eyes and chill on the beach in your head when this one plays. Me, I’m having a pina colada…it’s on Ian”. --- Hypnagogue

2) “Now hailing from California, past Phosphorescence Magazine reviewee, Ian C. Bouras has submitted his newest (2009) CD entitled "The Certainty of Being Found." This twelve track instrumental creation has Ian on guitars, piano, melodica, and synth, with Mat Fieldes on bass, and David Vincola on drums and percussion. Each track is followed by a short, titled interlude that seems as if it is reflecting on the previous tune, as well as providing glimpses of what is to come.
The CD opens with the magnetic "The Clues Are In The Dialogue," featuring Ian's guitar with its heart-rendering Spanish/Latin, and sometimes Hawaiian sounding flair. This one has a mesmerizing quality that keeps you on the edge of your seat as you try to anticipate where it's going. "DR56" starts off filled with melancholy that leads to hope, with a dash of danger thrown in, and the catchy "On The Corner With Doubt" is searching for something just out of reach. Our listening experience encountered interpretations that were revisited throughout, and included such far-flung feelings as the old west lonely cowboy, whose life is full of hardship, and that of a futuristic space traveler. The last track, fittingly titled "To Be Continued (exit)," contains unexpected elements that make the listener question his or her perception. The combination of instruments and engineering lends an air of mystery to the entire collection, and makes one wonder as to the true meaning of the songs.
**** Way Cool!” --- Phosphorescence Magazine

Don't you owe it to yourself to see if these reviewers are onto something.
You can sample all the songs at: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/iansounds3

Thank you for your continued support,
The Gang at SDMP