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Playing with myself!

Jul 30, 2012

In the neverending search for chemistry with musicians that are willing to go to the same lengths for the love of music, and my continuous craving to experiment with new music technologies, I have discovered the wonders of Live Looping. I use an RC- 300 to loop different instruments (piano,bass and synth sounds) on my guitar synth the Gr - 20. Then the the Digitech Jamman, RC-3 (on some songs), Phase Shifter (on some songs), and Digital Delay are used to create ambient and delayed sounds with the guitar and synth (GR - 20). By recording instruments on separate tracks, I am able to bring them in, and out, of the mix in real-time creating a live playing and mixing situation. Thanks to all of the above mentioned technologies, I am able to create live dub/ambient music with a full band, playing all the parts by myself.
Playing with myself is a new page on the SDMP site showcasing Live Looping. Still unsure what it is? Check out the page to see.
Thank you for your continued support, and don't forget we have many free downloads for you on the Free Downloads page.
'Til next time, Rock on,
The SDMP Gang