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12 mind blowing tracks

Sep 25, 2013

It's been a while since we said hi. Hi, alright we're done, just kidding.
We hope you had a great summer.
We've received many new reviews of "The Certainty of Being Found", and wanted to share some of them with you: "This stunning collection of 12 mind blowing tracks presents a sensational, unique and superb sonic space to bask in...This kind of music has the power to get people intellectually stimulated while filling the void created by much of today’s music." --- Drew Blackwell
"a complex, amazing and dramatic album what else can I say in the end?" --- Christopher Eaton (Indieshark)
"blend of Reggae grooves, Jazz, Chill-Dub and Motion picture type melodies" --- Music Emissions
"a masterful blend of Vintage Improvised Experimental Smooth Jazz, and Progressive Jazz" --- All Whats Rock
"twists and turns the way great albums should with much in the way of harmonic goodness" --- Vents Magazine
Nothing, but great things have been said about this CD, but Ian C. Bouras has also received some kind reviews, and his ego wanted to make sure these were included: "could easily heralded as the quintessential ambient composer but there is so much more to his music." —- Vents Magazine
"an impressive artist...peer into the creative soul of a quintessential artist." --- Skope Magazine
We wish you, and yours, a satisfying Fall.
Thank you for your continued support, and we'll keep you up to date on our future releases, which we are working on now,
The SDMP Gang!