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Mailing List > Best for the holidays, and our next release!
Best for the holidays, and our next release!

Dec 13, 2016

2016 is almost over, and we hope you had a good year, but with the end of the year comes the beginning of work on our next CD, Absence!
Direction - live looping (demo): https://soundcloud.com/ian-c-bouras/direction-live-loopingdemo, is the final demo that will be posted. The next time anything is posted from Absence, it will be the final version.
Recording began today, and we are already excited, and very happy with the path of Absence:)
The entire CD will be live looping, with NO overdubs.
Hopefully there will be several videos along the way, the first of which, will be showing how the CD is being recorded!
We hope you have a happy, and healthy, holiday season, and New Year, and we look forward to sharing the finished version of Absence with you.
All the best for the holidays, and 2017,
The SDMP Gang